Nature Connected

What we do

  • Advocate for, seek to protect and enhance our natural environment
  • Build strategic influence to maximise our natural assets – particularly with the Local Enterprise Partnership, Health and Wellbeing Boards , the new Combined Authority,  the six Local Authorities, private sector, landowners and the Voluntary Charitable and Social Enterprise sector.
  • Create an evidence base to support good decisions in  regeneration, planning, health, environmental management, EU investment and Growth Strategy and Marketing Liverpool
  • Deliver the GI framework Action Plan Biodiversity Plan / Ecological Framework delivery
  • Connect and collaborate across agencies/groups – e.g. Atlantic Gateway
  • Attract funding to support natural asset development – EU and other

Our Objectives

  1. Natural Assets

    Advocate and champion a clear and compelling vision for the Natural Environment of the Liverpool City Region. driving forward strategic environmental priorities and addressing environmental inequalities.

  2. Natural Influence

    Engage effectively with strategic partners in all sectors (local government, business, health, community, education, etc) and particularly with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) so Nature Connected becomes a valuable enabling and advisory partner. Ensure shared understanding and commitment across Nature Connected, the LEP, Health and Wellbeing Boards (H&WB), and other strategic and community partners. This should enable the development of a ‘single voice at the strategic level’ and contribute to the achievement of environmental, economic, health and wellbeing, and cultural objectives.

  3. Natural Delivery

    Develop and promote the evidence base on the value of the natural environment to the people and businesses of the LCR.  Act as a forum for best practice exchange, consultation and engagement. Become a ‘critical friend’ on key strategies and plans for the LCR to anticipate and improve the environmental performance of strategic planning, decision-making and investment, programme design and delivery.

  4. Natural Resilience

    Celebrate the legacy and history of environmental community activity and environmental initiatives and use this as a platform to deliver more sustainable environmental ‘wins’ to improve the natural, economic and social resilience of the LCR.

  5. Natural Prosperity

    Develop and implement innovative programmes that create value for nature, people and the economy and secure funding/resources to deliver them.

  6. Natural Connections

    Work across geographical boundaries with other Local Nature and Economic Partnerships, particularly Atlantic Gateway and Liverpool Green Partnership to support strategic alignment of priorities and delivery.