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Liverpool City Region

Stretching from our famous coastline to our estuaries, our urban parks and green spaces, including our rural hinterland, the richness and diversity of the Liverpool City Region’s natural environment is unique.

Nature Connected will provide strategic leadership and direction to enhance, harness and celebrate our natural environmental assets, and with our partners, mobilise resources to protect and manage them for their intrinsic value, and to support sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life.


Key Message

Sefton Coast

The Sefton Coast

The Sefton Coast is a very special place for nature and one of the most important nature sites in Great Britain. Over 20% of England’s sand dunes and 40% of its dune slacks form large parts of the Sefton Coast.

Together the dunes, sand flats and salt marshes provide homes for over 3,500 invertebrates - 33 are very rare making the Sefton Coast the most important area in northwest England.

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